Ho Wear….

me ho Wear


Ho Wear and DUCE

are now


thank you for the years of Awesomeness.

all the Best,

Heidi and Scotte


7 responses to “Ho Wear….

  1. MistressViper Voom

    SAD DAY will miss you……

  2. That’s a shame. My friend just told me, your store was one of the first places they ever went to. Shocked you out of business. All the best to you both.

  3. sad to see you go 😦

  4. littlered macathur

    crying my self to sleep…. HoWear was my favorite store, for years and years… I will miss the store and Heidiho! Please come back soon… Love you

  5. wow, sorry to hear this news. thank you for the years of awesome garments for my avvie. you are missed.

  6. I just ran across a pair of boots that I forgot I had, the Duce Gypsy Love boots…most awesome! I am sorry to see you close and wish you the best in your future endeavors in any world….hugs!

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