ReIntroducing… Midnight Blossom

Midnight Blossom blue

click pic to enlarge

Midnight Blossom

(available in 4 colors)

50 Lindens each until tomorrow morning

each outfit includes:


naughty top

top for wearing lolas Tangos (not shown)

Lolas Tango applier for top (not shown)



necklace for around mouth


hair accent piece


wearing hair from HoWear called blood Lusted

wearing boots from DUCE called Miss Independant Ankle boot


4 responses to “ReIntroducing… Midnight Blossom

  1. PeppernSpice Resident

    I really wish you would make your outfits with the Omega appliers, mesh body here none of this works for me sadly anymore, hopes you will consider it I know you started to at one point

    • most of the recent stuff has been with OMEGAS.. you must not be visiting the store in the last year 😦 and you have to look at the box.. i have not always put the logo of the OMEGA system on the box.. sometimes I have just written it.. i have at least 3 walls with outfits that either have OMEGAS or sell them separately.. I don’t sell omegas for MESH clothing…. PLUS.. if I didn’t have time ti add the OMEGAS.. I will do them on a request basis.. it does cost a little more but it is easier and faster to make appliers for one color then 6

  2. PepperNSpiceResident

    ahhh no just been checking the web site to see what is new and if omega appliers just ASSumed it would say Omega lol

    • it either says that OMEGAS are included or you will see the OMEGA LOGO on the box.. right now anything i am putting out are from old stock. that is why they have mostly said “ReIntroducing” I am redoing them to either include the Omega or sell them in a separate box.. so in the description on the website it says if they are included or not.. just keep in mind that i don’t make appliers for mesh pieces.. but sometimes i will make a an applier for partial outfit and sell them in a different box.. like I said most of the outfits on the main floor include the appliers.. you will have to look at the front of the box.. they will either have it written on it or you will see the OMEGA logo.

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