Sorry All…

To all my VALUED customers…

It is with great sadness that I inform you all today of my News..

I have accepted a 50 hour a week job in RL and will no longer be creating new items for the sale board each day Monday to Friday.. I will still try to place wacky weekend sales up on the board when I am able.. Please know that we will try to keep the store open as long as we can without placing new items up.. and as long as it can pay for itself it will remain open…

Ho Wear has been in SL since Dec 9 2008…. It has been a very awesome ride.. you have all been the inspiration and oomph i needed for all those years to continue day after day….. there were times I thought I was going crazy.. coming up with something new 5 days a week can be very difficult.. but i would not have changed it for anything in the world.. just knowing you all got pleasure from most of my outfits was enough to keep that fire lit under my butt.. 

for your loyalty over these years, I am placing out some FREE items until Saturday morning.. Thank you for the Many years of AWESOMENESS and stay SMEXY!!!!!! I love you all…. “sniffs”


4 responses to “Sorry All…

  1. I never thought I would see the day that you, one of the few individuals would not be able to continue to work your magic in world and make a RL living. I must say I am sad to see you go and your creativity, but it truly has shown me the lack of support that LL has given us to make the world truly beautiful. I will continue to support you and send you business and at the same time, I wish you luck in your new endeavors and hope you do not fade away. Your creativity is what makes RL and SL beautiful.

  2. pinkcherry sweets martini blackthorn

    heidi i have know u for so many awesome years i am turly miss our moring tals and thanks for ur amazing clothes i have never throw 1 away u r amazing personi grew to admire and reecpet and love i only wish u the most happines ever ty again for bein my frind my sis and a rl person i could talk to ty agin for everything loves ya girl

  3. Ty Pink.. very touching 🙂

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