Bahama Mama …

Bahama Mama blue

click pic to enlarge

Bahama Mama

(available in 6 colors)

25 Lindens each until tomorrow morning

each outfit Includes:


cherry bombs/lolas tango top applier


AZZ applier

wearing hair from CatWa called Lamar

wearing shoes from DUCE called Butterfly Kisses


6 responses to “Bahama Mama …

  1. Gigicatseye Darkire

    Take not all Heidi cannot take constructive critism … she will bann you for expressing your opinion on here! So for gods sake don’t let her know when something doesn’t work for you … you catually get banned for it!!
    Thats quit ok plenty more awesome designers in sl that don’t mine being told when there is a problem with something and will even fit it! Not bann you!
    Gigicatseye Darkfire

    • sorry but when were you banned? I haven’t banned anyone for months.. and your name is not on my ban list.. you are most likely not banned.. and as for the rest of what you are saying.. I have no idea what you are talking about.. it takes alot for me to bann someone.. and that my friend.. is not one of them

  2. I f you were at the store this morning.. and got booted from the sim.. it may be because i closed the SIM down to get readuy for the HUNT.. it was nothing personal.. I needed to remove anyone left so I could get the items ready without distractions…

  3. Gigicatseye Darkire

    Would like to offer my most sincere appoligies for my above note seems it was all a big misunderstanding
    Thanks Heidi! You rock!
    Gigicatseye Darkfire

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