Snake Rattle n Roll boot …

Snake Rattle n Roll boots brown

click pic to enlarge

Snake Rattle n Roll boot

(non Rigged Mesh)

(available in 10 colors)

25 Lindens each until tomorrow morning

each boot colors incudes:

boots (non Rigged MESH)

Hud (resize Only)


boot base


8 responses to “Snake Rattle n Roll boot …

  1. Love the boot but sadly can’t get to fit me with you not doing the different sizes any more the sizing on the hud has always been for the birds and still is 😦

    • don’t forget.. you can also raise the boot up and down.. once you have it to the size you need nove the boot, then if the boot is in the ground.. edit your shape (body) the hover is at the bottom..

  2. or just contact me inworld and I will help you…

  3. yes fully aware I can do that the prob is with the width not all of us are the anorexia craved things that sl is trying to make us … I get wide enough its too high and just quite flatly cannot get to fit … the first several sets of boots you came out with mesh wise were awesome and I wear all the time but these … smh

  4. try wearing lower alpha from another set of shoes… then resize and move theboots down so they aren’t as high on your calf… then change your hover height if the shoe is in the ground

  5. sent you some lower alphas 🙂

  6. too much work, will just not buy anymore of your shoes or boots till you can do the Meshing sizing again, I hate having to *work* to wear something i paid for …

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