50 Linden Weekend..

50 Linden Weekend

reintroduced items at a bargain price

ends Sunday April 7, 2013 at 7pm sltime…

This weekends 50 Linden item is:

Punk Candy blue

Punk Candy

Lolas Top Appliers sold seperatley but also 50 Lindens until Sunday for fat pac

(available in 5 colors)

each outfit includes:



cut off gloves


stockings with garters and panties


wearin hair from Vanity called Hare Hare (black) edited to have two pony tales

wearing boots from DUCE called Bar fights


3 responses to “50 Linden Weekend..

  1. GigiCatsEye Darkfire

    As long as I have loved and shopped ho-wear I am now adding to my boycott list they you have chosen the start charging seperately for Tango’s. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!!!?? To me its like ripping your long time customers off!! I am a goner from there and my following that follows my ban list is too Till we hear different

    • i am only including the lolas tangos on the new outfits… the 50 Linden outfits don’t have them included because they are older styles before the lolas time.. normally i don’t make them at all for the older styles because of lack of time.. i was trying to do people a favour by just having them available this past weekend.. but it is quite ok.. i don’t have to make them at all if it is a problem for people..

  2. in fact.. this is the very first time I have made them available for a 50 linden weeekend special… PLUS.. it was a fat pac which included ALL the colors.. WOw.. I cannot get over how some people reast.. I am not impressed at all..

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