Sexy Ride…

Sexy Ride(with Rigged MESH CatSuit)

(available in 5 colors)

$L300 each

each outfit includes:

CatSuit (rigged MESH)



shape for size M catsuit

outfits are 25 lindens each until tomorrow morning

wearing shoes from DUCE called Nova


2 responses to “Sexy Ride…

  1. Shyanne Ceriano

    Sexy Ride(with Ridded MESH CatSuit) OMG I LOVE RIDDED MESH!!! giggles

  2. I am glad to see an XL size rigged MESH, I still had to adjust my voluptuous shape for it, dropped “Breast size” slider to 66 from 75 and it now fits. I always avoided MESH until this. Thanks Ho Wear!

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