Dirty 2….

Dirty 2

(available in 5 plaid colors)

$L325 each

each outfit includes:

hardhat (non riggid Mesh) mod

with touch on/off light

safety glasses

Plaid shirt

shirt collar

shirt cuffs

shirt tie knot (non riggid Mesh) mod

tool belt


jeans with dirt

upper body dirt

lower body dirt

hand dirt

outfits are 25 linden seach until tomorrow morning

wearing hair from Damselfly called Benzy (black pearl)


3 responses to “Dirty 2….

  1. Lada Moonstone

    I was truly hoping you would not be making mesh 😦 The outfit however is awesome 🙂

  2. Hello Lada.. after receiving the votes on the poll i did for the mesh product.. i decided since a third of ho wears customers wanted some Mesh.. that i would do some occasionally.. the non riggid mesh is mod.. so you are able to edit it as you would a prim or a sculpty.. but you cannot see it unless you are on a compatable viewer.. this outfit is a updated version of the Dirty outfit of a few years ago.. it is still on the wall at the store but is only available in the blue plaid shirt..

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