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  1. I would like to see mesh one dey @ HeidiHo’s,but 4 now nah. Not enough peps usin mesh viewers yet…. what u think?

    • MarissBleu Lysette

      I agree with the previous comment. Until the majority of ppl can have access to mesh, it would be unfair.
      So many problems with viewers getting updated and bugs as it is. Let’s wait awhile longer.

    • i say NO 100 % mesh clothing CANNOT be adjusted , moved or resized .

    • Since Mesh is being sold .. shopping for clothes is starting to feel like rl shopping…I I am not a model size avatar.. dont want to be one in either.. so I feel frustrated trying on mesh clothes since some creators stop at size L but offer a XXS size thats just ignorant I think .. and I dont want to have to switch into a shape made for the mesh outfit .. I want to be me !!!!

      • the sadder part is.. even for the ones that do offer larger then a large size.. there is no standard size for it in SL so you will see different sizes even if it is posted as a large.. best bet is to try it on if they offer a demo..

  2. PrissyMissy Markus

    Yes, I would like to see mesh items. However, I really dislike the alphas that obliterate the entire body. For example, I don’t want empty blackness above my legs or inside the top of my dress. Mesh is good ONLY if you can provide a collection of precision alpha masks so that I can hide only the body parts that are problematic to a particular outfit. This is doubly important for those who want to mix and match parts of different outfits.

  3. the only problem with using a alpha mask is that you wont be able to wear a pair of boots that also requires an alpha mask layer.. you cannot wear two at the same time.. so while on creator uses one for boots and another for a skirt.. you will have to make hard choices.. nice dress and toes showing through your boots or nice boots and body showing through mesh if you haven;t resized your body perfectly to fit it.. very hard choice.. and i am not sure i would want a choice like that..

  4. I really don’t want to have to adjust my body size and shape for every mesh outfit I want to wear. Just about everyone has a mesh capable viewer now but if/until mesh clothing can be resizable, no thanks 🙂

  5. I prefer my awesome boots with my toes not showing and my HoWear as it is, not HoWear mesh lol thanks for listening Heidi!
    Mesh Clothing are just a PAIN PERIOD!!!!!

  6. Not all have mesh enabled viewers as some don’t have good enough graphics cards.

  7. Hya Sis!
    Sinse mesh became available, I decided to hold off on doing any mesh bulding till they’d worked the bugs out.
    Through these past months, tho, all I’ve noticed is that mesh seems problimatic.
    I dunno! Just my thoughts!

  8. Ok even more about all the stuff you call up about issues with mesh there is a registered mark that I love on Heidis’s clothes and is the flicking skirts than make me fill like a vamp or a princess. I dont want sticky clothes that made me fell like soak for the rain im sorry. Please Heidi keep as you are, ur designs are perfect as they are! Just because something is the “in” doesn’t mean we all H·A·V·E to go with it…

  9. I voted no on mesh right now, pretty much for reasons already stated. Still buggy, not enough people using viewers who can see it, stuff like that.

    However I don’t think it would be a bad idea to do something with mesh every two or three weeks. Just to gauge the interest and for the two wonderful builders (that we all absolutely love) at Ho Wear to get some feedback on their mesh designs. Maybe even try it out by doing some odds and ends accessories from time to time.

  10. I have ambivalent feelings about mesh products.
    1. It’s nice to have clothing and hairstyles that move with your avatar, however, I don’t like having no re-size/mod options.
    2.There are still many people who do not have mesh capable viewers, and wearing a mesh outfit in a non-adult sim can be risque at best, embarrassing at worse, and might even get you banned from a sim.
    3. Many designers are combining alphas, for example: alpha for body, alpha for shoes, alpha for body and shoes.. but this only works for products from the same designer. If I want to wear mesh shoes from one, and a mesh dress from another, I’m out of luck.

    I like the possibility that come with mesh, but there is still a lot that needs to be worked out with it. There are things you can do with mesh that you simply can’t do any other way in SL right now. Artistically, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. Remember, there was a time when sculpted prims were new, invisi-prims were new, and flexi-prims were new.

  11. No resize option? Then no thanks. I have to edit majority of the stuff I buy from howear, simply because my avi is bigger and I have no intentions to make it any smaller anymore. And not enough many people have a viewer that supports them anyway. Your designs are perfect the way they are. 🙂 If you really want mesh, then maybe do one every now and then?

  12. Lindsey Snowfall

    I have a Mesh Petite Avatar and would love to see some HoWear outfits made for the Mesh Petites…

  13. mesh petite clothes are actualy pretty simple.. for the basic outfits its just a matter of dropping them on the free mesh template that was generously left for petites to make clothing with (process similar to putting a texture on a jacket or shirt or pants layer, as far as the prim parts go thats a little tougher since petites are 1/3 the size of “average” avatars… BUT there are alot of items such as beads and chains and belts ect that are going Nano sized that can be used, providing of course the designer has good eyesight or a resize script for temporary use.

    • Petite Micro Ho’s are on there way very soon 🙂 they will come with the avatar and the outfit so you know the clothing will fit .. since i won’t create clothing for a petite avi when you would have to go elswhere for the actual petite avi mesh shape… the Petite Mesh Avi shape will be created by Saint so they will be branded to our store only.. they will based on .3 of a average sized avatar…

  14. Loxxy Darkamtter-Clawtooth

    although, mesh seems to give a greater depth and definition, with good detail , not everyone on SL uses, or can even view mesh at all.. some of us can not use the newer viewer.. no matter which party it comes from.. some of us refuse to even conform until the day arrives that we have no choice.. its terrible to see your family all dressed as block heads from mesh hair, and wearing tubes.. or cylinders, or missing entire body parts.. I voted no.. on mesh.. i love Heidi’s creations, but if they are mesh i can no longer wear them.. needing to adjust ones shape to fit isn’t practical either.. so i say NAY to mesh.. please..

  15. Honestly, I was hesitant about mesh until other designers started offering more of a variety of shapes with them. (ie different sizes) and now I have to admit I’m a convert. The way it moves with the body, the flow, the way it makes fabric look like it’s actually draping. I’m hooked.
    Granted, I’m more than aware of the reluctance of many to want to adjust their shape but as one who was strongly attached to my shape, honestly, a little adjustment in exchange for the drape and elasticity, it’s an amazing trade off.

  16. Easnadh Swansong

    My vote is no, due to the fact that enabling the options to be able to view mesh on avatars bogs my computer down, therefore I wouldn’t be able to see the mesh cloths on my own avatar. It is quite funny looking at all the Sinead O’Conner look-a-likes with their missing body parts. 🙂

  17. To me it depends on what the product is I love mesh shoes and boots with huds for sizing and color change. But to me it seems that though they say there are standard sizes for mes there are not a shape that fits a mesh outfit from one store may not fit another i hate having a lot of mesh shapes and having to make one for each of the companies i have mesh from. If they make mesh resizeable at any time then YES mesh would be fine or if everyone had shapes that fit all mesh that would be fine but otherwise no except for shoes boots and some hair.

  18. I couldn’t really answer the mesh poll, because there are some things that are great in mesh – boots in particular – but I’m not so happy with it when it comes to tops and dresses. It can be okay for short skirts but has all the drawbacks of system skirts when it comes to longer skirts. It works nicely for some kinds of coats, but the alphas can cause problems. I’ve noticed some

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